The establishment and maintenance of street tree planting is generally a 2 year period for newly planted trees. This involves data entry and record keeping of all trees planted, including continual updates and assessment of the health of each individual tree. This data is fully accessible and provides invaluable information and history of each tree and its area.

All SEVRON staff are trained and inducted relevant to individual council’s tree planting and watering procedures, use of recycled water, operation of water hydrants, weed spraying, OH&S safety plan procedures and roadwork safety & signage. Staff are qualified in Construction Induction Card, Traffic Control, First Aid, OH&S Training, Earthworks, Small Crane Operation and Testing & Tagging. Training and inductions are constantly being updated in accordance with industry standards.

The public has long supported the planting of trees within our streets & parks, and there is a high expectation among the community members to continue maintaining and enhancing the streetscapes. SEVRON along with Local Government are committed to ensuring that the trees planted are healthy, well maintained and become well established.